LiveGene will develop a range of linkages with private companies and public sector partners, especially those within national agricultural research systems in the developing world, to accelerate the delivery of improved livestock breeds to livestock keepers.

An important set of linkages will be with the CGIAR’s Consortium Research Programs (CRPs). The linkages of the global genetics program with the CRPs are potentially threefold:


The CRPs identify market demand and targets for gene discovery, genetics and breeding interventions, based on which livestock species and in what livestock systems are genetic interventions a potential solution to a current or likely future constraint; (e.g. productivity; disease tolerance; changing climate whereby livestock are likely to become more/less important in future systems and environments).

Delivery channels for new genetic interventions

The CRPs where livestock is an important component are supporting research and development programs and partnerships whereby improved genetics could be delivered to small scale livestock keepers, following the pathways-to impact mapped out by the respective CRPs. Also, these CRP programs are sources of data on genetic diversity and productivity, to inform future breeding programs.

Investors in livestock genetics

The Livestock and Fish CRP has made some judicious investments in identifying or developing improved genetics in some of its priority value chains. For example, genetic interventions are being sought for a number of the priority livestock value chains being addressed by the Livestock and Fish CRP (e.g. sheep and goats in Ethiopia; dairy cattle in Tanzania; pigs in Uganda and Vietnam).

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