African Chicken Genetic Gains will deliver the following outcomes:

  •  Stakeholders (governments, private sector, other development partners) have data-driven and culturally-relevant insights on the types of chickens (e.g., specific performance and phenotypic traits) that poor farmers, especially women, prefer across multiple agro-ecological and cultural systems of the project countries;


  • Through functioning public private partnerships (targeting at least two operating partnerships per country), smallholders have access to their preferred breeds that produce at least 200% more than existing local breeds, with significantly reduced mortality risks due to proper brooding and pre-vaccination;


  • Demonstrated and well-publicized data showing that the adoption of the proven chicken genotypes indeed leads to significantly increased production, productivity, income, and household consumption among smallholder communities that adopt the technology;


  • Increased empowerment of women smallholder farmers in the chicken value chain to be seen across rural communities;


  • A functioning multi-country network of public-private partnerships for long-term chicken genetic improvement that has both the strategy and capacity to use modern tools to drive accelerated genetic gains and to deliver more productive, farmer-preferred breeds.


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