ACGG is guided by a Scientific and Industry Advisory Committee (SIAC) comprising six leading professionals in business, research, and development. These individuals will be a key driver of ACGG’s goals of a high standard of responsibility, culpability, and superior governance.

The SIAC provides advisory support and guidance to the ACGG PMT and the Project Leader for purposes of helping orient and improve:

  • The quality of the program’s science and approaches, and the resulting knowledge outputs
  • Provide scientific oversight and help evaluate go-no-go decisions
  • Help redirect research to maintain flexibility within the scope of the program as it is not known where the science breakthroughs will occur and what inputs will be demanded
  • Identification of key audiences for program outputs and strategies for engagement and communication
  • Review country level implementation plans and progress against the objectives, goals and outcomes of the project
  • Provide summary reports to map progress and recommendations

Currently the six SIAC members are:

Tenure of any SIAC member is expected to be for the duration of the ACGG program.