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Using ethnography to understand gender dynamics in poultry farming

Melanie Rekha Ramasawmy is a researcher at the University of Roehampton, London. She is working on the Going Places Project, which is looking at women and chicken husbandry in Ethiopia. The following is a summary of an interview she gave about her work in the project. Continue reading

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Update on ACGG activities in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, in recent months, project staff have been particularly busy with three activities: a) innovation platform (IP) work, b) enumerators’ training and c) procurement of the chicks, hatching and brooding. Continue reading

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Increasing incomes and improving nutrition in ACGG program: Conversation with Simbarashe Sibanda

Simbarashe Sibanda, managing director of the Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU) initiative and ATONU project leader for the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) program, was one of the members of the ATONU team which visited poultry production sites in Axum and Debre Zeit, Ethiopia in December 2015. We spoke to Sibanda about ATONU’s contribution to ACGG going forward. Continue reading

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Voices on chicken genetics: Towards a transformative and farmer-driven process

Ed Rege, team leader on innovation platforms and director of PICO-Eastern Africa, introduces himself and his work with the program. It is one of a series of portraits of key people in Africa Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG). Continue reading