In Cambodia, drawing from unique experiences gained from the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project, the Asian Chicken Genetic Gains (AsCGG) is implementing to test and make available high-producing, farmer-preferred genotypes to increase smallholder chicken productivity as a pathway out of poverty.

The national team is led by researchers from the National Institute of Animal Heath and Production Research Institute (NAHPRI).

Expected outcomes of the project include:

  • Scientific achievements:

This component will generate new knowledge on the productivity of both indigenous and introduced chicken strains in the Cambodia smallholder context. The on-station chicken performance testing will measure the potential of selected chicken strains for egg productivity, growth, and product quality.

  • Capacity development:

AsCGG project will enhance the national and cross-regional capacity of local partner institutions, optimising the diversity of both geography and skillsets of project partners. Selected individuals in Vietnam will travel to partner organizations so that they are exposed to different working environments, and cross-disciplinary visits will be encouraged.

  • Generate innovations:

An Innovation Platform will be formed at both national and local community levels to mobilize new knowledge produced by the project and deliver increased productivity in small scale chicken systems in Cambodia.

For any question about AsCGG in Cambodia, please contact Dr Sothyra Tum, director, NAHPRI at