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Entry points for improving gender practice in Tanzania poultry project

A team from the Netherlands Royal Institute for the Tropics (KIT) visited Tanzania in February 2017 and prepared a tailored ‘gender strategy’ together with the ACGG Tanzania team. Continue reading

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Voices on chicken genetics: Creating an enabling environment for farming improved chickens

Pius Mwambene works for the Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) in Uyole and is subnational coordinator responsible for execution ACGG research activities in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. In this post, which is part of a series of portraits of key people in ACGG, he talks about his work. Continue reading

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ACGG gender awareness campaign resumes in September and October

The ‘in focus’ campaign ‘Where chickens and women rule’ will resume in September and October with some video, postcards, tweets and web stories. Watch this space: Continue reading