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Under the media lens: Scientists launch Ethiopian farm to breed healthy, bug-resistant chickens

In this video, interviewees share their vision of the ‘Incubated Worlds’ chicken facility launched recently on the Addis Ababa campus of the International Livestock Research, of diversity and of chicken farming in Ethiopia. Continue reading

Bridging the gap between agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania
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Bridging the gap between agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Working closely with the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project—led by the International Livestock Research Institute—and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, ATONU will improve the nutrition of women of childbearing age and young children in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Continue reading

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Voices on chicken genetics: Improved chicken farming is a pathway to economically empowered women and households

Felekech Lemecha Biru is a sub-national coordinator working in the Oromia regional state in Ethiopia. In this short post she discusses what excites and concerns her about her work with ACGG. Continue reading

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Teaching aid helps Ethiopian farmers allocate more money for nutritious animal-source foods

An innovative teaching aid developed by a field assistant working with the Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU) project in Ethiopia is making the concept of budgeting for better nutrition easier to grasp for farmers. Continue reading