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Teaching aid helps Ethiopian farmers allocate more money for nutritious animal-source foods

An innovative teaching aid developed by a field assistant working with the Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU) project in Ethiopia is making the concept of budgeting for better nutrition easier to grasp for farmers. Continue reading

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Voices on chicken genetics: A positive view of poultry’s role in improving household nutrition

Mesfin Lakew is subnational coordinator for the Africa Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project in the Amhara region in Ethiopia. In this interview he discusses his role and vision for the project. This post is one of a series of portraits of key people in ACGG. Continue reading

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Voices on chicken genetics: Creating an enabling environment for farming improved chickens

Pius Mwambene works for the Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) in Uyole and is subnational coordinator responsible for execution ACGG research activities in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. In this post, which is part of a series of portraits of key people in ACGG, he talks about his work. Continue reading