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ATONU-ACGG: Bridging the gap between agriculture and nutrition in Ethiopia (video)

Since 2017 the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project and the Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU) projects have implemented joint interventions in Ethiopia to improve nutrition among smallholder farm households.

The recent story of Zenebech Abdus already pointed to some of the benefits of the joint intervention of ATONU and ACGG for its participants on a number of domains: nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene practices; women empowerment; chicken management, vegetable production, and consumption.

This brand new video unveils the experience of Zenebech and other women – and men – who have enjoyed interacting with the projects and their teams and have enjoyed various positive outcomes from more diversified nutrition to improved water and sanitation and economic benefits allowing them to invest in solar-powered solutions etc.

They further point to and question some interesting gender norms exerted in the environment of these ACGG-ATONU actors.

The ATONU project is now over, and ACGG is coming to an end in the course of 2019, but these stories reveal the importance of combining efforts, particularly around matters of improved nutrition (across livestock and agriculture), and women’s empowerment.

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