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Socio-economic, marketing and gender aspects of village chicken production in the tropics

Picture1Chicken production contributes to poverty alleviation,  food security and gender equality in developing countries. Compared to its contributions, smallholder chicken production has been a neglected agenda in the development themes.

This study by researchers working with the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project in Ethiopia reviewed literature on the socio-economic, marketing and gender aspects of village chicken production in the tropics. It found that:

  • Chicken are a valuable asset to local communities specifically for disadvantaged groups in rural areas.
  • In developing countries, women take care of the routine management of poultry with the assistance of children.
  • In most areas of the tropics, chicken research gives little attention to marketing rather but was focused on production and productivity.
  • Although poultry is a potential tool in escaping extreme poverty, there are many constraints to the development of smallholder poultry production.

The study assessed poultry production, gender and rural chicken production, poultry marketing, and challenges in poultry production and marketing.

ACGG is a five-year agriculture research-for-development program that is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Download the research report 

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