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Going Places: Introducing ACGG videos on ‘where chickens and women rule’

The African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project is a multistakeholder partnership designed to test and multiply tropically-adapted, semi-scavenging chicken strains in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our work has highlighted that women are at the forefront of small-scale poultry management in scavenging and semi-scavenging production systems in the continent. They are often responsible for production, care, consumption and marketing of chickens. The significance of engaging women in education and development interventions is well understood. But in the process of raising the profile and production of chicken keeping, women are often marginalized.

The Going Places project has been working with ACGG to collect the stories of women farmers who keep chickens, looking at the current and future roles of poultry in people’s livelihood, as well as their place culturally. In a series of interviews, we asked women to describe their challenges, opportunities and experiences of keeping poultry. We hope this will contribute to our understanding of how women can be empowered to remain at the centre of the poultry industry in the future.

In these videos, women involved in the ACGG project around Addis Ababa in Ethiopia share their experiences.

This video is part of the gender awareness campaign “Where chickens and women rule“.

2 thoughts on “Going Places: Introducing ACGG videos on ‘where chickens and women rule’

  1. am eric kapaga, animal health and production by proffesional, i think we need you to improve local breed we have in tanzania, we dont get good profit because of chicken we keep


  2. Dear Eric,

    While local chickens are adaptive to their environment, they may not be as productive as you wish them to be.

    In case you are not familiar with the current project in your country, ILRI is currently working with ACGG Tanzania to evaluate introduced chicken strains for productive performance, adaptability and likability by farmers. The on-station testing is being implemented by TALIRI (Tanzania Livestock Research Institute), Naliendele and Sokoine University. The on-farm test is also going on parallel.
    Once, the superior strains have been identified, a long-term chicken genetic gains program will follow to upscale productive chickens to more number of smallholder farmers.


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