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Follow ACGG Nigeria on new social media channels

ACGG Nigeria - also visible on Twitter now!

ACGG Nigeria is now on Twitter

The African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) team in Nigeria has set up additional online platforms for sharing their progress, activities, updates.

You can already read more about the ACGG Nigeria team and their activities on this website. Now it is possible to also follow their work on Facebook and Twitter.

Although launched in April 2017, the Twitter account of the ACGG Nigeria team is now regularly updated. The account has regular updates recounting team activities such as outcomes of the recent national innovation platform, which is known locally as the ‘Smallholder Poultry Forum’ meeting of ACGG in Nigeria on 29-30 August 2017.

ACGG Nigeria, now on Facebook!

ACGG Nigeria is also now on Facebook

The Facebook page was launched in early July and has since been used to cover important activities and events such as a press conference in mid July and the Smallholder Poultry Forum of late August.

This website remains the place of choice to read articles and reports of ACGG Nigeria activities, but the two new platforms will give a lively and ‘direct’ pulse of ACGG work in Africa’s largest economy.

Follow ACGG Nigeria on Facebook and Twitter 

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