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Free online course on animal breeding and genetics

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)-led African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) program is offering a free online course on animal breeding and genetics.

Developed in partnership with Wageningen University and Research and supported by the Koepon Foundation, the course targets young professionals who are interested in sustainable livestock breeding.

The seven-week intermediate course covers animal breeding goals and strategies, genetic models, estimating breeding values, and responses to selection among other topics. It is designed to introduce learners to:

  • The steps required to design an animal breeding program and the genetic and statistical concepts that are needed to build a solid breeding program.
  • The main concepts in animal breeding.
  • Applying genetic models and tools to predict the breeding value of animals.
  • Tools for predicting genetic change and/or inbreeding in populations.
  • The dissemination of genetic progress in different animals.

The course will start on 19 September 2017 on the online learning platform edX.

See a short video about the course.

Click here to enroll!

4 thoughts on “Free online course on animal breeding and genetics

  1. I completed the course. But will like to pursue an online programme to equip me with the necessary knowledge required to develop cross-breeding programs to increase milk production and meat production.


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